Customs modernization through performance measurement: first results obtained in Togo Customs

19 julio 2013

On 16 July 2013, the Directorate General of Togo Customs organized a press conference on the outcomes of the two-year project aimed at improving the functioning of the Customs Administration through the introduction of performance measurement. The project was led by experts from the World Customs Organization and financed by the World Bank programme to improve trade and transit on the Abidjan-Lagos corridor.

The performance measurement has revealed certain inefficient procedures and helped the management to prioritize reforms and evaluate their effects, as well as to monitor the individual activity of frontline inspectors at Lomé port and the activities of the shipping companies and brokers. In 2012, Togo Customs collected 176 billion CFA francs, leading to a 46 % increase in revenues compared with 2009. Delays at Lomé port have been reduced by half for domestic consumption cargoes, and added revenue due to frontline controls has doubled. This is significant, given that the Customs Administration collects approximately 40 % of the State revenues. The Director General of Togo Customs, Kodjo Adedze, who was personally involved in leading the change, confirmed his commitment not to be complacent regarding the results achieved to date, but to continue to move forward.