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WCO Regional Workshop on Computer Forensics in Hong Kong, China

03 septiembre 2013

The Regional Office for Capacity Building Asia/Pacific (ROCB A/P), in cooperation with the WCO and Hong Kong Customs organized the WCO Regional Workshop on Computer Forensics in Hong Kong, China from 20 to 22 August 2013 under the sponsorship of CCF/Japan. This workshop was the first of its kind organized in the Asia/Pacific region.

A total of 34 participants from 25 administrations participated in the workshop. The workshop was led by regional experts from Hong Kong, China and participants shared the knowledge and experience of the Digital Forensics Model, Digital Forensics Principles and Digital Forensics Processes. Participants were also given opportunities to visit the Computer Forensic Laboratory, Electronic Crime Investigation Centre and the computer rooms in the Customs Headquarters Building of Hong Kong Customs.

The workshop was a good opportunity for regional Members to share their experiences in applying digital forensics to Customs investigation and to enhance the investigation capability of participating Customs by applying digital forensics. The workshop also set up a pool of experts to render technical support to regional Members in applying digital forensics against technology related crimes which had increased sharply in recent years and it geared up the Customs Administrations to face the challenges of technology crimes. Hence, more training on computer forensics and similar workshops may be organized in the near future.