Joint WCO/OECD programme on Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing for Americas and Carribean Customs and Tax administrations

22 abril 2015

The workshop was held in the OECD- Mexico Multi Lateral Tax Centre, Mexico City from Monday 23 to Friday 27 March 2015.

28 participants from Tax and Customs Administrations from the region attended the workshop which was facilitated by experts from WCO, OECD and from Mexico and Canada Customs and Tax Administrations respectively.

In addition to learning about the relationship between Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing this workshop provided a forum for Customs and Tax officials to meet, interact and learn from each other and how through their collaboration, collection of revenue could be improved.

This workshop was well appreciated by the participants who noted that such workshops would strengthen the cooperation between Tax and Customs Administrations.