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WCO Time Release Study National Workshop in Muscat, Oman

30 abril 2015

30 March – 02 April 2015

The WCO facilitated a National Workshop from 30 March to 02 April in Muscat (Oman) to raise awareness of and prepare for the conduction of a Time Release Study (TRS). This four-day Workshop was organized, with financial support from the WCO Eurocustoms Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF), for the benefit of the Customs Administration of Oman. The Workshop was facilitated by two experts from the WCO Secretariat and from Uganda Customs. Topics included the role of the WCO TRS in relation to the implementation of the WTO agreement on Trade facilitation (TFA), the methodology for conducting the Study and for mapping procedures, the national experiences of some countries having already conducted the Study and the use of the WCO TRS Software.

Over 23 participants from the Customs administration of Oman took part in the Workshop. During the opening ceremony, the representative of the Director General highlighted the importance of the workshop, especially as the WCO TRS is important to identify bottlenecks affecting the release of goods and to propose concrete solutions for the improvement of the situation at the border.

The level of attendance at the event reflected the importance placed on this initiative by Oman Customs. All participants applauded the quality of the workshop and especially appreciated the support given by the WCO to the Oman Customs Administration. The Workshop proceedings led to the development of a clear process map, and participants committed to share the materials with colleagues in order to conduct a TRS in the near future, regarding it as a quality performance and modernization tool.