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Support to the development of the Georgian Customs Canine Centre capacities

04 marzo 2015

With the support of WCO and financial assistance of WCO Customs Cooperation Fund – Germany, a canine training was held for Georgian Customs Canine staff on February 9-13. The training offered by German colleagues was the first step towards development of intensive collaboration between the Canine services of two administrations.

Experts from the WCO Regional Dog Training Centre in Bleckede, Germany, provided intensive theoretical and practical lessons to Georgian dog- handlers. Teaching targeted the daily exercises of Customs sniffer dogs, observation of trucks and vehicles, concealment places, risk analyses and databases, record keeping, and more.

Experiences shared by German colleagues were especially important in view of this newly established service by Georgian Customs. Special attention was paid to the following:

  1. Pace of work is moderate and detail-oriented to minimize the possibility of errors;
  2. Exact performance of handler’s requests is based on the obedience exercises at the very first stage of dog trainings;
  3. Method for rewarding dog developed to better suit Georgian environment;
  4. Method for maximizing dog-activity to ensure the peak use of dog capabilities;
  5. Recommendations for grooming, practical usage of dogs and techniques for Customs dog-handlers skills at Customs crossing points was also valuable.

The Georgian Canine Center is motivated to implement all these initiatives and recommendations to support the successful performance of the units.

At the end of the visit, the experts shared their views with Deputy Head of Georgia Revenue Service Mr. Vakhtang LASHKARADZE and Head of Customs Department Mr. Vladimer KHUNDADZE. Georgian colleagues were awarded with certificates and invited to the WCO Regional Dog Training Centre in Bleckede, for a study tour.