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National AEO Workshop

28 mayo 2015

Tbilissi, Georgia: 19-22 May 2015

At the invitation of the Georgia Revenue Service, the WCO conducted a workshop on the implementation of AEO programme in Tbilissi (Georgia) from 19 to 22 May 2015. The event was funded by the Customs Cooperation Fund Germany and was facilitated by two experts from the WCO Secretariat and German Customs administration. Over 20 mid-management Customs officers benefited from detailed and practical information on the concepts, conditions and requirements for the establishment of an AEO programme as described in the SAFE Framework of Standards as well as the implementation experiences of the EU.

The workshop consisted of presentations and breakout group discussions. The interactive format enabled participants to identify possible ways forward in drafting their national legislation in line with the SAFE Framework provisions. Based on the discussions, recommendations were formulated on how to implement AEO requirements, provide benefits, monitor, conduct initial and post authorization audits and other legal considerations like suspension and revocation of AEO status, and the right of appeal for AEO applications.

Georgia, which currently has a compliance programme called "Gold List" in place, plans to establish the legal basis for an AEO programme by the end of this year, keeping in view the recommendations made during the workshop.