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Customs seizes counterfeit dollars and euro worth milllions of Chilean pesos

31 mayo 2016

A bus passenger was travelling with bundles of notes concealed in his luggage and on his body.  He was bound for Santiago (Chile), and then onwards to Mendoza (Argentina).

Iquique, Tuesday 24 May 2016 – Inspectors from the Iquique Regional Customs Directorate intercepted a consignment of counterfeit bank notes with a face value equivalent to several million pesos and intended for entry to the Chilean and Argentine markets.  The seizure involved 401,000 US dollars and 37,400 euro, produced using high-quality paper and bearing very similar seals to the genuine articles.

The case was recorded at Quillagua Customs outpost, 212 kilometres south of Iquique, when inspectors X-rayed the luggage of a group of passengers and detected abnormalities in the density of a wheeled suitcase.

When examining its content, inspectors discovered a false bottom containing hundreds of bank notes.  In parallel, the owner of this suitcase was hiding more cash inside his jacket as well as on his body, held in place by a pair of tights, making a total of 740 banknotes of 50 euro apiece, 1,480 banknotes of 50 dollars apiece and 3,270 banknotes of 100 dollars apiece.

The paper money was analysed and initially found to be counterfeit, although many of the banknotes displayed great craftsmanship and even comprised seals which are extremely difficult to copy.  On this basis, Customs officers immediately informed the public prosecutor in Pozo Almonte and the accused was handed over to the police, along with the banknotes and evidence.

It was then decided by the judge that the defendant should remain in custody during the 60 days of investigation and that experts from the crime laboratory should analyse the banknotes.