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LMD Retreat in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia builds strong executive team

13 septiembre 2018

As part of Capacity Building, WCO organized a Leadership and Management Top Executive Retreat (TER) from 7 to 9 September 2018 for The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian Customs. The highest priority was to install a new management culture that focuses on managing more strategically including more openness, communication and cooperation among all directors.  The overall objective of the three-day interactive workshop was to strengthen senior management capacity to lead and drive reforms within The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian Customs and to become a leading customs administration.

Almost all senior managers (15) from all departments of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian Customs participated in the retreat. Over the last few years the management style in the administration was characterized as hierarchical and based on the use of position and power. With the entrance of a new Director General, Mr. Gjoko Tanasoski, a year ago, there were many changes but further development of the executive team was necessary. The agenda of the TER was shaped to these needs and focused on building trust and openness in the executive team, making vision, values and strategy a concern of all directors, getting rid of redundant procedures and creating a professional and learning organization.  During the three days all these topics were discussed on a deeper level, resulting in agreements shared by all participants on important changes for the future of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian Customs. At the end of the retreat, with working hours from 9 AM until 11 PM, participants left fully committed to personally work on all aspects, as well as to help and inspire others to do so.

Dialogues on the situation and future of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian Customs were alternated with the presentation of relevant models and theories on modern leadership and management.  Especially the ‘diamond’ of knowing yourself – managing yourself – really understanding others – having a positive influence, turned out to be a revealing and appreciated inspiration for the participants. With this full agenda, the time spent on practical management skills, attitude and behaviour was very limited.  Also for that reason it is The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian Customs’ intention to invest in follow-up activities in leadership and management development.  

At the end of the retreat Mr. Tanasoski described the value of the retreat as follows: “I think that the retreat has achieved exactly what was expected; to start thinking like a team, to start listening and really hearing each other and to point out that integrity is the most important. All members of the senior management team finally really understand each other now”.

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