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Compendium of Customs Operational Practices for Enforcement and Seizures

Improving Customs practices for enforcement and seizures

The way Customs uses its prerogative in matters relating to the fight against fraud (seizures, penalties, detentions, etc.) remains at the forefront of discussions between WCO Member administrations.

To explore this subject further and to enhance the sharing of knowledge, several Customs administrations developed a Compendium of Customs Operational Practices for Enforcement and Seizures (COPES) with the support of the WCO Secretariat.

Developed in a collaborative manner thanks to the WCO CLiKC! system, an interactive development platform, the Compendium was designed to highlight practical examples of working practices as well as to identify stumbling blocks to effective enforcement, in particular procedures related to enforcement and seizure that may be more effectively addressed through multilateral engagement between Customs services.

The practices outlined in this Compendium will encourage Customs administrations to deeply examine their own methods and possibly take steps toward making improvements to their current systems, notably the enhancement of their legal foundation (enabling powers) and the operational options on which their procedures and practices are based.

The Compendium, access to which is restricted to WCO Members only due to the sensitive nature of the content, is available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.