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HS Classification of new INN Lists (WHO INN Programme)

An International Nonproprietary Name (INN) (or generic name) identifies a pharmaceutical substance or active pharmaceutical ingredient by a unique name that is globally recognized and is public property. The system of recommended INNs has been in operation since 1953 by the World Health Organization (WHO). Every year, the WHO publishes two lists of recommended new INN lists. Since 1988, the Harmonized System Committee with the assistance of the Scientific Sub-Committe, has classified nearly 4000 INNs in the Harmonized System (HS). After the publication of each INN List by the WHO, the WCO contacts all the Contracting Parties requesting their opinion for the HS classification of the INNs included in the List.

Below you can download the last proposed INN List published by the WHO. If you are responsible for HS matters in your administration you can download and complete the linked document with the suggested HS classifications and comments and send it electronically to the Secretariat

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