Asia and the Pacific and the Americas : Customs Leaders’ Partnership Dialogue - Efficient and Secure Trade for Shared Prosperity

4-5 April 2013

Panama City, Panamá

Summary (En, Fr, Sp)

Opening Session
  • Virna Luque, Director General, Panama Customs
Session 1: Asia and the Pacific-Americas Strategic Partnership for Growth and Development
  • Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, World Custom Organization (WCO): Customs View
  • Antoni Estevadeordal, Manager, Integration and Trade Sector, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) : A View from Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Ying Qian, Director, Public Management, Financial Sector, and Regional Cooperation Division (EAPF), East Asia Department (EARD), Asian Development Bank (ADB): A View from Asia and the Pacific.
Session 2: Modernized Customs Procedures towards Economic Competitiveness and Regional Integration
  • Ahmed Hussain, Member (Customs), Bangladesh Customs (Modernized Customs Procedures towards Economic Competitiveness and Regional Integration) Presentation
  • Fernando Fernandez, National Director for Customs, Dominican Republic (Regional Economic Integration and Customs)
  • Shinichi Goto, Deputy Director General, Japan Customs (Support on building capacity) Presentation
  • Manuel Marquez, Customs Lead Specialist,  Integration and Trade Sector, IDB (Integration Cases through Coordinated Border Management)
  • Haruya Koide, Principal Regional Cooperation Specialist (ADB-WCO Partnership, APEC Focal Point, and Trade Facilitation across Asia and the Pacific), Office of Regional Economic Integration (OREI) (ADB’s Support for Customs Modernization and Trade Facilitation) Presentation

Session 3: Customs’ Contribution to Interregional Connectivity

  • Praveen Mahajan, India Central Board of Excise and Customs (Globally Networked Customs: Context, Concept, Rationale and Benefits–Indian Customs Perspective) Presentation
  • Siomara Ayeran, Director General,  Argentina Customs; and Ernani Checcucci,  Undersecretary of Brazil Customs and International Relations  (Regional exchange of Information within the region)
  • Zulkifli Yahya, Director of State of Penang Customs, Royal Malaysian Customs (ASEAN[1] Single Window: the ASEAN Connectivity Towards ASEAN Economic Community) Presentation
  • Gerardo Bolaños, Director General, Costa Rica Customs (International Transit of Goods); and Jorge Sequeira, General Manager for PROCOMER Costa Rica (National Single Window)

Session 4: Customs Approach to Facilitate and Secure International Trade

  • Juan Ricardo Ortega, Head of the Tax and Customs Service, Colombia (Regional Developments in the commitment to Security and Facilitation in the supply chain)
  • Luis Eduardo Lara Gutiérrez, General Administrator of Audit and Foreign Commerce,  Mexico  (AEO and the Competitiveness of the Private Sector in the Americas region)
  • Syarif Hidayat, Customs Attaché for Japan, Indonesian Customs (Development of Authorized Economic Operator in the APEC Economies)  Presentation

Session 5: Transforming into Better Performing Customs

  • Enrique Canon, National Director, Uruguay Customs (Strategic Performance Measurement to Customs) 
  • Jitoko Tikolevu, Chief Executive Officer, Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority (Time Release Study–Fiji’s Experience)  Presentation
5 April 2013 (Friday)
Session 6: Customs-to-Customs Cooperation in Countering Illicit Trade to  Protect Society
  • Rozzano Rufino Biazon, Commissioner, Bureau of Customs, Philippines (Achievements and Challenges on Intelligence-driven Risk Management) Presentation
  • Rodolfo Alvarez, National Customs Director, Chile, RILO Americas (C2C Enforcement  Information Exchange and Cooperation with RILO)
  • Gwanghyeon Jang, Deputy Head, RILO AP (Interregional Cooperation through Global RILO Project: Project Drug Seizure Immediate Notification System)
  • Ricaurte Arrocha, Deputy General Director for Logistics, Panama customs (Interface Public-Members[2] and Container Control Program)
Session 7: Summary and Strategic Perspectives
  • Yoshihiro Kosaka, Head, WCO Asia Pacific Regional Office for Capacity Building (Thailand) (Capacity Building in the AP region)
  • Andrea Paz, Head,  WCO Americas and the Caribbean Regional Office for Capacity Building  (Argentina) (Capacity Building in the Americas region)
  • Joaquim Tres, Integration and Trade Lead Specialist, IDB
  • Ying Qian, Director, EAPF, EARD, ADB
Closing Session
  • Closing Remarks: Haruya Koide, Principal Regional Cooperation Specialist (ADB-WCO Partnership, APEC Focal Point, and Trade Facilitation across Asia and the Pacific), OREI, ADB
  • Closing Remarks: Tomas Bermudez, IDB Representative in Panama
  • Closing Remarks: Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary General, WCO  
  • Closing Remarks: Virna Luque, Director General, Panama Customs

[1] Association of South East Asian Nations

[2] The only global anti-counterfeiting tool. This secure online tool allows operational data concerning products to be communicated directly to customs officers on the ground. IPM also enables effective communication between right holders and customs officers.