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Phase 3 evaluation mission to Brazil - first in the WCO Americas & the Caribbean region

21 mai 2015

In April 2015 a team of WCO Experts travelled to Brazil to conduct a Phase 3 Progress Evaluation Mission. This was the first Phase 3 mission to be conducted in the WCO Americas and Caribbean region.

The WCO team met with senior managers and held meetings with officials at Customs HQ in Brasilia. They also had the opportunity to meet with regional managers and front-line Officers at Sao Paulo, Santos, Rio de Janeiro and Foz do Iguacu. The evaluation also included holding a number of informative meetings with representatives from the private sector.

Since the Phase 1 diagnostic mission in 2006, the Brazil Customs administration has made excellent progress and successfully implemented a number of important international Customs standards and best practices. Significant advancements were observed under each of the seven chapters of the WCO Diagnostic Framework.

Key achievements since 2006 include the development of a comprehensive Reform & Modernization Plan, the creation of a Strategic Planning, Business Process and Project Management Office, the development of a series of well-defined Strategic Plans with integrated performance monitoring functionality, the on-going development of a new Single Window portal and the launch of a collaborative Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme, the development of a HR Competency Framework, the expansion of the several successful Integrated Border Management initiatives, the establishment of a dedicated Risk Management Unit and significant improvement in the application of cargo risk management technology and passenger profiling capability.

The WCO team also observed notable improvements to the internal Intranet and external website of Brazil Customs and the very efficient use of social media as an effective means of communication. The relationships with external stakeholders, in particular with the business community, have also been enhanced significantly.

Whist the administration should be congratulated for their noteworthy progress in many areas, the WCO team identified some areas that require attention and consideration by Brazil Customs. These were outlined in a comprehensive report that was presented to the Director-General on the final morning of the mission.

The WCO team made a number of recommendations aimed at enhancing the excellent work already achieved by Brazil Customs since the WCO Diagnostic mission in 2006. It is hoped that the recommendations will provide a good basis for the administration’s next steps in the area of reform and modernization.