General FAQ

23 August 2012

Can the private sector get copies of WCO documents from the Secretariat?

At the moment the answer is no, as our documents are considered confidential. But our web site provides access to the historical documentation database (select "Historical Documents" in the frame on the left side) which contains working documents and reports (without business confidential data) of Harmonized System Committee (HSC), the Technical Committee on Rules of Origin (TCRO) and the Technical Committee on Customs Valuation (TCCV). Unfortunately, we have a back-log with regard to the publication of these documents but we hope to remedy this situation as soon as possible.

I want to complain about the high Customs duties and taxes that I had to pay on some goods which I recently received. Can the WCO look into the matter for me?

You must contact the Customs administration concerned. The WCO is an intergovernmental organization and is not responsible for, nor has competence in, the administration of national legislation. Under the Section “About Us” on the WCO website you will find a list of WCO Members and links to their respective websites. Checking this source is likely to provide you with the necessary contact details you require.