SADC Customs Capacity Building Conference

23 February 2010

The SADC Customs Capacity Building Conference held in , from 3rd to 5th February 2010 has enabled to achieve concrete steps forward sustainable management of reform and modernization programmes and better regional coordination schemes.

The Conference offered a successful forum for all the regional actors and stakeholders (COMESA, EAC, SACU, SADC, African Union, WCO, World Bank, Academic and Business partners) to share on their capacity building approaches and initiatives. Enhancing dialogue and network led the participants to identify areas of synergies and cooperation based on the WCO standards.

The coordinated approach of Customs development programme piloted in SACU with the WCO assistance, and the regional implementation of the Customs Learning and Education standards developed by the WCO have met a great deal of interest as showcases of efficient partnerships paving the way for future capacity building  developments in the region.