Poland celebrates Customs Service Day

14 September 2010

Poland celebrates Customs Service Day

Warsaw, 14-16 September 2010


WCO Deputy Secretary General, Sergio Mujica, visited Poland from 14-16 September 2010 at the invitation of the Polish Customs Service to take part in their Customs Service Day celebrations on 16 September in Warsaw’s Royal Castle courtyard. He also attended a holy mass for the Customs Service at the Polish Army’s Field Cathedral. The celebrations included rank nominations of Customs officers as well as the award of State and Ministerial distinctions, at the end of which Mr. Mujica delivered a speech before awarding WCO Certificates of Merit to nominated Customs officers.

Prior to the celebrations in Warsaw Mr. Mujica spent a day visiting Korczowa, Poland’s eastern road border crossing with the Ukraine where he observed the work being done by Polish Customs officers. He also visited the Ukrainian side of the border (Krakovets border crossing) where he met the head of the Customs Office who briefed him on Ukraine’s Customs clearance procedures as well as their border infrastructure.