WCO attends 18th Interpol Training Symposium

28 November 2011

WCO attends 18th Interpol Training Symposium

Antalya, Turkey, 28-30 November 2011

Upon invitation from the Interpol Secretariat, the WCO, represented by its Deputy Director Capacity Building Heike Barczyk, participated in the 18th Interpol Training Symposium held in Antalya on 28-30 November 2011.

A total of more than 80 participants from Police administrations, Law Enforcement Academies, Research Centers and International Organizations benefitted from a very well organized event. The Symposium was structured around various panel sessions - and dealt inter alia with a lot of topics that also Customs administrations around the world are very familiar with and which are high on the WCO agenda, too: Leadership and Management Development, Career Path Development, Research, E-learning and modern learning methods, as well as international co-operation.

Ms. Barczyk participated in a panel of participants from International Organizations which focused on approaches and methodologies used in their respective Capacity Building Programmes. The WCO approach of the Columbus Programme, institutional reform and modernization to enable administrations to manage change over time, and the surrounding programmes on Management and Leadership development, Career Path development and the PICARD Programme very well fit into the overall discussions of the entire Symposium.

The WCO and Interpol will continue the co-operation and information exchange on Capacity Building efforts, both on working level as well as by attending each other's relevant meetings.