Americas Region Meet a Second Time and Take Regional Risk Management to a New Level

10 April 2013

As part of a continuous effort to enhance Americas and Caribbean Regional cooperation, strengthen networking and consolidate common strategies, a Risk Management Workshop was conducted from 11 -15 March 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was the second event in terms of regional risk management cooperation organized by the WCO.

The workshop was attended by 38 participants from 16 different countries and held in three languages; English, Spanish and Portuguese. The entire group worked in a participative and interactive atmosphere, interchanging opinions, cases and knowledge about their respective Administrations’ experiences.

In addition to the practical group work, all the participants and WCO facilitators received presentations and tour of the new Brazilian Customs Administration Risk Management Center (CERAD). CERAD officers demonstrated software and techniques and also shared study cases, which were analyzed during the workshop. Participants welcomed the tour and took it as a great opportunity to incorporate ideas in their home Administrations.

The WCO Risk Management Compendium was used as the basis for the workshop agenda. During the first day, Volume 1 was presented through different perspectives and experiences by a number of participants. Volume 2 was also presented through experiences and case studies before conducting practical exercises in order to implement the methodology and guidelines suggested in Volume 2.

In addition, more study cases and real examples were exposed during the Workshop by some of the countries about best practices and lessons learned. Increased networking and improved exchange of information were achieved during the Workshop.

The main output from the workshop was the design of a new regional targeting project to build on mutual Risk Management practice approaches. The participants worked together enthusiastically and have committed to specific project milestones to ensure on-going communication and efforts.