Time Release Study (TRS) National Workshop for Georgia Revenue Service (22 – 25 July)

13 August 2013

A Time Release Study (TRS) National Workshop for the Georgia Revenue Service (GRS) organized by the World Customs Organization and Georgia Revenue Service, with the support of the USAID Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI), was held on 22 – 25 July, 2013 in Tbilisi. Workshop was led by the WCO resource person, Mr. Shujie ZHANG who is a WCO-accredited Customs Modernization Advisor and currently serves as Deputy Director of the Department of Training and International Cooperation, at the Shanghai Customs College. The project focuses on cargo control and release time measurement studies. The TRS thereby measures relevant aspects of the effectiveness of operational procedures that are carried out by Customs and other regulatory actors in the standard processing of imports and exports and in transit movements. The aim of the project is to identify problem areas and to take appropriate measures to increase efficiency and effectiveness. During the Workshop, a TRS working group composed of representatives of the Georgia Revenue Service and the private sector was created. Members of the working group became acquainted with methodology and guidelines on TRS recommended by the WCO. They also learned to use the WCO’s TRS software. As initial outcomes, key points for TRS Terms of Reference were discussed and clarified. The first draft of the questionnaire was developed and the first TRS project will be conducted by the end of this year.