The WCO successfully launches its IPM Connected program

19 December 2013

The World Customs Organization (WCO) is pleased to announce that its global network of track and trace and authentication solutions is now up and running with seven new members.

IPM is the WCO’s online tool used to identify and thwart counterfeiters. This tool enables rights holders, faced with counterfeiting of their brands, to exchange information with field customs officers, in real-time. The new version of IPM integrates two major technical developments: a hand-held mobile device, and the ability to interface IPM with authentication and/or traceability solutions companies.

Using a mobile device, field Customs officers can instantly verify a product’s authenticity simply by scanning the barcode or any track and trace solution and IPM will automatically launch the authentication application.

The following companies are now officially IPM Connected and working with the WCO in its on-going effort to combat illicit trade and the growing threat it poses to our society and economy: Advanced Track & Trace, Authenticateit, CertiEye, Certilogo, Holoptica, PharmaSecure, Systech International.

This first set of security solutions providers currently addresses multiple industries such as Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Textile, and Luxury goods. Each member delivers original solutions involving the scan of a code or an image with a smartphone, enabling customs officers to instantly validate product authenticity. 

The WCO’s new global network of track and trace and authentication solutions offers many advantages for both customs officers and brand owners, above all safer, faster and more economical security clearance of products. The WCO therefore encourages all databases, sources of information, authentication or traceability solutions which could help Customs officers in their fight against counterfeiting to interface with IPM and become IPM Connected.

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