WCO National Workshop on Rules of Origin for Indonesia

05 December 2013

The WCO, in cooperation with ROCB A/P, conducted a workshop on rules of origin for the Customs Administration of Indonesia at the Indonesian Customs and Excise Training Center in Jakarta, Indonesia from 25 to 29 November 2013. This workshop was financed by the Japanese Customs Cooperation Fund and hosted by Indonesian Customs within the framework of the WCO Action Plan on Preferential Origin and the Revenue Package Action Plan.

The objective of the workshop was to enhance the capacity of the Customs officers present to effectively and efficiently manage all issues related to rules of origin. A total of 33 Customs officers participated in the workshop from several departments around the country.

The WCO delivered presentations on the relevant WCO tools and instruments, such as the WCO Guidelines on Preferential Origin Verification and the Comparative Study on Preferential Rules of Origin. Furthermore, the WCO outlined the technical knowledge necessary to ensure proper and streamlined origin determination. Experts from China and Japan expanded on the technical element and shared practical case studies. These regional experts also presented on their countries’ practices in dealing with origin matters, including advance rulings and origin-dedicated units in their respective Customs Administrations.

The host country commended the organizers, presenters and participants stating that the workshop was beneficial, relevant and above all, timely.