WCO Annual Report 2012-2013 Published

24 June 2013

Brussels, 24 June 2013


Press Release

The World Customs Organization (WCO) announces the publication of the WCO Annual Report for 2012-2013.  The WCO’s role as the steward of global Customs standards is presented in the Annual Report, which also includes information on how the WCO continues to assist Customs authorities to achieve their objectives, especially the effective application of controls while efficiently facilitating legitimate trade.

The Annual Report contains two major sections.  The first section includes a summary of the WCO’s mission, strategies, organization and activities.  The second section includes basic data on each WCO Member, including the name of the Director General of Customs, contact information, the name of the Member’s automated Customs clearance system, status of accession to key WCO instruments, and revenue collection.

Also reflected is that the 179 WCO Members collectively employ approximately 800,000 staff.  The data in the report shows that Customs plays a significant role in collecting taxes other than Customs duties at the border, including VAT and excise duties, the amount of which often exceeds that of Customs duties.

The report seeks to increase awareness of global Customs strategies, partnerships and activities for the benefit of WCO Members and other stakeholders.