Argentinian Customs destroys more than 2,375,000 packets of illegal cigarettes

01 October 2013

The Argentinian Customs Service has destroyed cigarettes from a number of seizures carried out around the country as a result of irregularities including, in particular, smuggling, unlawful possession and counterfeiting. The value of the seized goods is around 20 million Argentine pesos, or US$ 3,650,000.

"In addition to reducing the tax revenue of States, illegal trafficking in cigarettes and other tobacco-related activities also affect the sector’s production and marketing chains and legal sources of employment, as well as hindering governments’ efforts to attain public health objectives", emphasized Maria Siomara Ayerán, Argentina’s Director General of Customs. She further pointed out that the destruction of these cigarettes also helped create space in Customs warehouse.

The destruction of the cigarettes was carried out in Mendoza - one of Argentina’s five most important cities - and was attended by members of the Judiciary, representatives of the country’s major tobacco companies, and Customs officials from 14 countries who were participating in the Workshop on Advanced Tools for Customs Risk Management in Latin America and the Caribbean, an event coordinated by the Regional Office for Capacity Building with the support of FO-AR and JICA.