Timor-Leste Customs Service to receive WCO support with classification and valuation

16 September 2013

Under the "Customs Capacity Building for WCO Member States 2012-2015" Project, funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), Timor-Leste Customs Service will receive WCO support in two areas of Customs operations, namely classification and valuation.

In line with the principles set out in its five-year Strategic Plan for 2013 - 2017, Timor-Leste Ministry of Finance, through its Customs Service, is implementing a policy to improve the collection of revenue, excise and sales tax, as well as to facilitate trade. To this end, it is essential for the Customs Service to achieve uniform and modernized standards of operation and mobilize resources to build capacity as regards Customs valuation and tariff classification procedures. Support from the WCO will be provided through on-the-job training for Customs officers in both areas, and advice to Customs management in order to strengthen the relevant infrastructure.This will entail reviewing the Customs valuation legislation, devising a valuation policy and procedures, and providing training in Customs valuation operations. In particular, implementation of the Harmonized System Nomenclature 2012 Edition will be crucial to the tariff classification component of the Project.

Customs brokers will also benefit from this Project, as there are plans to provide them with some training to enhance their understanding of the guiding principles and procedures in the classification and valuation domains. This will contribute to improved compliance and better dialogue with the trade community.

After an initial scoping mission aimed at conducting a needs assessment and developing a joint work plan, which took place in Dili in April 2013, and subsequent endorsement by Timor-Leste senior Customs management, the implementation of the two-year work plan is due to start in autumn 2013.