Viet Nam: Consultative Committee meeting held in Binh Duong

23 December 2014

In December 2014 a WCO Capacity Building support mission was undertaken to Viet Nam.  The mission was the latest in a series of inputs as part of the Project for “Customs Capacity Building for WCO Members 2012-15” which is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD). The aim of the project is to deliver technical assistance to seven countries in specific areas of Customs operations.  As one of the countries participating in the project the assistance provided to Viet Nam has focused on capacity building on Customs Brokers and Stakeholder Engagement.

The purpose of this visit was to support delivery of a training awareness seminar on Compliance Management. The seminar included the development of a new Compliance Management Strategy and was attended by representatives from across the organization. Part of the seminar included a review of “Client Services”, resulting in a report with key findings and recommendations.

In addition, work continued by way of support with development and implementation of Viet Nam’s new Customs Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. The WCO attended a series of consultative committee meetings with Viet Nam Customs officials that are being held as part of a pilot programme. These meetings cover strategic trade facilitation and compliance issues from the perspectives of Customs, business representatives and officials from other ministries.

For more information on the project for Customs Capacity Building for WCO Members 2012-15 please contact the Project Manager, Mr. Philip Wood