Dubai Customs seizes 5.2 kg of heroin capsules swallowed by passengers

19 November 2014

Dubai Customs inspectors foiled a drug smuggling attempt and seized 5.2 kg of heroin, contained in 477 capsules swallowed by seven passengers, on 25 October at Dubai International Airport. 

“The seizure reflects the experience, efficiency and diligence of the Customs Officers and how they effectively link and analyse information,” said Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director of Dubai Customs.

“The seven passengers pulled several tricks, such as booking more than one flight from their home countries in order to choose what they thought would be the most appropriate arrival time,” he added.

Ahmed bin Lahej, Director of Passenger Operations at Dubai Customs, said the plan was thwarted when the first passenger showed signs of anxiety. Inspectors searched his baggage and clothes, but it was a body scan that revealed the presence of the capsules in his stomach.

Although Dubai Airport Customs officers have already seized larger quantities of heroin in the past, such as the 24 kg found in a passenger’s bags during the summer, this was the largest seizure of its kind.