Release of the WCO Customs-Business Partnership Guidance

13 July 2015

The WCO is pleased to inform of the release of the newly developed Customs-Business Partnership Guidance. The Guidance provides a detailed step-by-step phased approach together with several best practices for developing a robust and sustainable engagement/partnership mechanism between Customs and Business. It also assists Members in the implementation of relevant provisions of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), in particular Articles 2, 7.7, 12 (1) and 23 (2), which foresee closer cooperation with private sector stakeholders.

Additionally, the Advanced Pillar of the Guidance provides a range of new opportunities to further strengthen and advance an existing well-established relationship.

Customs administrations and the private sector are encouraged to make maximum use of the Guidance as a reference/guideline in developing and/or maintaining/strenghtening their Customs-Business engagement/partnership model, keeping in view their specific national circumstances and peculiarities.

The Guidance is available via the following link: click here