WCO Leadership and Management Development Workshop in Korea

14 July 2015

As part of the WCO’s Executive Programme in Customs and Business Administration (EPCBA), a Leadership and Management Development (LMD) Workshop was delivered in Seoul from 23 June until 3 July 2015. The EPCBA targets senior managers of Customs administrations of developing countries and seeks to provide theoretical and practical frameworks of international trade and business management. Ten senior and middle managers from ten different countries participated in the first programme that was organized by Kookmin University in Seoul, with financial support from CCF Korea.

The overall objective of the two week interactive LMD Workshop, as part of the EPCBA, was to strengthen senior management capacities to lead and drive reforms within their respective Customs modernization agendas. Throughout the LMD workshop many of the current and future challenges of modernizing Customs administrations were discussed, related to a wide range of topics, including on how to deploy a leadership attitude in managing change, visioning, strategic management, negotiations, people management and strategic and personal communications.

For more information on the WCO Leadership and Management Development Programme, or the EPCBA, please contact Capacity.Building@wcoomd.org.