WCO Capacity Building support provided to Timor-Leste

03 June 2015

In May 2015 a WCO Capacity Building support mission was undertaken to Timor-Leste. The mission was the latest in a series of inputs as part of the Project for "Customs Capacity Building for WCO Members 2012-15" which is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD). The aim of the project is to deliver technical assistance to seven countries in specific areas of Customs operations. As one of the countries participating in the project the assistance provided to Timor-Leste Customs Service (TLCS) has been designed to strengthen their revenue collection capacity through implementation of improved working practices and procedures in the areas of Customs Valuation and Tariff Classification.

Timor-Leste: Train the Trainers Event, Dili

During the mission the WCO experts delivered a Train the Trainers Event to a selected group of officers from TLCS. The course was designed to equip the selected officers with the training skills necessary to design and deliver basic and intermediate level training in HS Classification and Valuation matters. On successful completion of the training those selected will be supported by WCO experts to deliver a series of technical training events to officers from TLCS.

In addition to the delivery of the Train the Trainers Event, the WCO experts worked with the Training Unit and the Post Clearance Audit Unit to design a program of Capacity Building support. Meetings were also held with the Director General of TLCS and the World Bank to discuss future Capacity Building requirements and to ensure that support was coordinated between all key stakeholders.

For more information on the project for Customs Capacity Building for WCO Members 2012-15 please contact the Project Manager, Mr. Philip Wood Philip.Wood@wcoomd.org