Islamic Republic of Iran hosts sub-Regional WCO Valuation workshop

16 September 2015

Between 8 and 12 September, a sub-Regional WCO valuation workshop was held in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran for the Customs administrations of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This was the first workshop of its kind to be hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).

Participants received training sessions on valuation methodology, based on the WTO Valuation Agreement, and valuation controls. It was emphasized that post-clearance audit is the most effective form of valuation control, based on a risk management system.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan are currently WTO Observers and wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of the requirements for implementing the WTO Valuation Agreement. Pakistan has been a WTO Member since 1 January 1995.

Additionally, in order to strengthen the countries’ ability to deliver valuation training at the national level, sessions were held on trainer skills and techniques; participants were given the opportunity to make presentations during the event on valuation-related topics to practice those skills.

The event was jointly organized by the WCO, the WCO Asia Pacific Regional Office for Capacity Building (AP/ROCB) and IRICA; facilitators were from the WCO Secretariat and AP/ROCB. Funding was kindly provided by the Japan Customs Cooperation Fund.