Iranian Customs Seizes 11,500 kilograms of drug precursors

10 February 2016

Customs officers from the Iranian Dogharoun Customs office detected and seized 11,500 kilograms of drug precursors on 8 February 2016, announced the Supervisor of the Khorasan Razavi Province Customs.

Based on the report of the public relations office of Khorasan Razavi Customs, Mr. Masoud Atefi announced the above success and stated "these substances were seized as a result of inspecting an incoming 40foot container."

The container contained transit goods as well as 50 plastic barrels weighting 11,500 kilograms of colorless liquid of Anhydride Acetic as drug precursor which was concealed among the main commodities, said Mr. Atefi. The case was referred to the appropriate authorities.

Khorasan Razavi Province has five Customs offices located in Lotfabad, Sarakhs, Bajgiran, Dogharoun and Mashhad and also in two border markets, namely Tibad at the Iranian-Afghan border and Bajgiran at the Iranian-Turkmen border.

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