WCO Accreditation Workshop on Post-Clearance Audit in RTC Korea

19 May 2016

In cooperation with the Regional Office for Capacity Building for Asia/Pacific (ROCB A/P) and under the sponsorship of the Korean Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF Korea), the WCO organized an Accreditation Workshop for Post-Clearance Audit (PCA) Technical and Operational Advisors for the Asia / Pacific Region. 

The Workshop was held at the Regional Training Centre (RTC) in Cheonan-City, Korea, from 9 to 13 May 2016 and welcomed 11 pre-selected Customs officers from 8 Customs administrations within the Region.

The WCO has developed a three-phased approach to the accreditation process which includes: (1) pre-screening; (2) participation at a WCO accreditation workshop; and (3) final evaluation carried out by a qualified expert during a field mission. Only those participants demonstrating the required level of knowledge and skills are invited through to the final stage of the process.

Taking into consideration the growing needs in Capacity Building activities in the field of PCA, the identification of experts who can support the WCO in these tasks is crucial. The experts meeting the criteria will be called upon in the near future to facilitate PCA Workshops conducted in Member countries.

During this five-day intensive Workshop, participants demonstrated their excellent knowledge and advisory skills through presentations, case studies and role-playing sessions. Upon the conclusions of the Workshop, participants pledged to remain connected to ensure future cooperation and collaboration.