The European user base of the nCEN is growing

08 June 2017

At the end of May 2017 the WCO launched its national Customs Enforcement Network (nCEN) application in the second country of the European region, in Ukraine.  The nCEN is already operational in over twenty countries of East and Southern Africa, West and Central Africa, and Asia-Pacific.   As the WCO continues the year of “Data Analysis for Effective Border Management”, it remains committed to pursuing the deployment of the nCEN with the aim of supporting information management, information sharing, and the analytical capacity of the Customs community.

Starting this month Ukrainian Customs has at its disposal a newly localized Ukrainian version of the nCEN software in order to support their enforcement activities.  The deployment process was concluded with an eight-day training workshop where participants acquired practical knowledge on the functionality of the system, a theoretical background on data gathering and the analytical possibilities provided by the nCEN application, as well as the additional data mining and information exchange potential of the remaining applications in the CEN suite.  The workshop was concluded with an official closing ceremony attended by Mr. Serhii Tupalskyi, Acting Head of Kiev City Customs, and Mr. Iraklii Katamadze, Deputy Head of Kiev City Customs.

The nCEN software is made available to all WCO Members free of charge. The costs of the hardware for the nCEN application, the costs associated with the training, and possible costs for modifications to the local IT infrastructure (if applicable), are however the responsibility of the implementing Customs Administration. 

More information on the nCEN can be obtained by contacting the WCO CEN Programme at