WCO Supports Egyptian Customs Authority (ECA) Drafting their Strategic Plan

01 June 2017

Building on the successful strategic planning forum held in Alexandria earlier this year which was attended by the ECA Commissioner and Senior Executives to identify a clear vision, mission and strategic objectives, ECA conducted the second and final planning workshop for its General Management team and relevant senior staff in Cairo from 16-18 May 2017. Both activities were funded by EuroCustoms.

At the Cairo workshop, the WCO provided strategic support and technical advice to assist the ECA to finalize their Strategic Plan 2017-20. The workshop focussed on developing key activities against operational objectives, performance measurement, and assigning responsibilities and time frames.   Over 60 senior staff members participated in the workshop and provided critical input to ensure that new Strategic Plan is effective, realistic and aligned with the core strategic priorities of the administration.

The first day of the workshop consisted of a planning session with the head of the Egyptian Customs Reform Central Directorate to review the mission objectives and programme.  The second and third days of the workshop consisted of plenary sessions to review and validate the strategic plan, operational objectives, followed by a review of the activities, and the drafting of the remaining performance indicators, responsibilities and timelines.  Mrs. Nesma Farag, the head of the Reform Central Directorate, opened the workshop and encouraged participants to actively engage in discussions and provide feedback.  Two experts from the WCO facilitated and guided the participants in the drafting process, which included plenary discussions of relevant WCO tools and instruments and group breakouts based on the strategic plan objectives.  The WCO facilitators congratulated the group on its high level of participation and commitment in developing the plan. The WCO experts also complimented the ECA Reform and Modernization team on its leadership and commitment to the process while stressing the importance of ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the plan.

The Alexandria and Cairo workshops delivered a number of key outcomes for participants including increased understanding of contemporary approaches to developing a Strategic Plan that addressed key regional and global challenges for the ECA, principles of performance measurement, result-based management, performance measures and indicators. The workshop was a success, met the mission objectives, and resulted in the finalization of a draft strategic plan that will provide direction for the ECA over the next 3 years from 2017-2020.