Armenia hosts WCO National Workshop on the Harmonized System 2017

08 November 2017

In connection with the modernization of the work of Customs, the Administration of Armenia hosted the WCO national Workshop on the practical implementation and application of the Harmonized System (HS) 2017.  The main objectives were to address, in a comprehensive manner, the most essential aspects of this work and to assist the Armenia Customs Service with the uniform interpretation and application, and the timely implementation of the 2017 edition of the HS.

The Workshop was held in Yerevan from 30 October to 3 November 2017, and was funded by the CCF-Japan.  24 Customs officers from the central and regional units involved in commodity classification matters attended the Workshop.  Owing to the fact that the event was conducted by Russian speaking facilitators in Russian, a language widely spoken in Armenia, the communication was smooth and the involvement of the audience very dynamic.

Proving to be an appropriate platform for the discussion of potential improvements in the national tariff classification work and related infrastructure, the participants actively deliberated on a number of issues related to the HS Convention, such as the rights and obligations of HS Contracting Parties, proper use of the WCO diagnostic tools and guidelines on tariff classification work and advance classification rulings, amendments to the 2017 version of the HS, as well as practical cases of HS classification for certain types of commodities, such as pharmaceutical products, drones, cheese substitutes, multicomponent goods, etc.  The Workshop turned out to be a landmark event in addressing issues of national tariff classification work – one of the most important and complex areas of Customs’ work.