WCO Members conduct their own Strategic Trade Control Enforcement (STCE) Training

29 November 2017

The WCO’s STCE Programme started in 2016 with the objective of enhancing Members ability to detect and prevent the proliferation of Strategic goods through the use of tools such as the STCE Implementation guide and the STCE training curriculum. Since its inception the STCE Programme has delivered 17 National training workshops and 9 Train the Trainer events, and the programme now has 24 accredited expert trainers.

Alongside the delivery of this training, the WCO supports Members using their STCE accredited trainers to incorporate STCE Training into their own training curricula and deliver STCE workshops to their own frontline Officers.  Through this STCE awareness is spread and the goals of the programme become more sustainable.

This year many customs administrations including Chile, UK, Italy, Australia, Norway and Pakistan have successfully conducted their own STCE training events. Whilst Canada is preparing a series of workshops starting later this month.  Chile Customs conducted a three day STCE training in August for frontline officers at the Regional Customs Office of Iquique. Pakistan Customs has made WCO STCE curriculum a part of its entry level syllabi for various grades of officers and customs agents. The training events have commenced from 2nd November and will continue till 15th December. In October, UK Border Force arranged a two days STCE workshop at Manchester Airport. The training was attended by the frontline officers of UK Border Force and risk analysts of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Italy Customs has also arranged STCE training at Genoa for seventy frontline officers from across the country. Australia Border Force (ABF) has also embedded selective parts of STCE curriculum into its training for new recruits. So far, five sessions have been conducted for newly recruited frontline officers by a WCO accredited trainer.

The next WCO STCE Train the Trainer workshop will be held in Brussels between 20and 28 February, anyone seeking to apply for this workshop should contact Adam Vas, STCE Coordinator Adam.Vas@wcoomd.org , for further details. The STCE Programme can also support members through the delivering of National STCE workshops built around members needs if they would like host a STCE workshop please contact James McColm STCE Programme Manager, James.McColm@wcoomd.org  to discuss further.