WCO supports Sudan in developing Post Clearance Audit

04 September 2017

Based on the findings and recommendations of the August 2016 Mercator Implementation Plan, the WCO conducted a PCA diagnostic from 6 to 10 August 2017 in Khartoum, Sudan. The objective of the mission was to identify specific capacity building support requirements in establishing effective PCA. The results of the diagnostic will be used to develop tailor-made capacity building support for Sudan in establishing effective PCA in line with WCO Guidelines and international best practices.

More than 100 officials including Major Generals, Generals, Directors and Managers from different Directorates, Departments and Sections from the Sudan Customs Administration were engaged during the mission through plenary and bilateral sessions. The WCO experts introduced the WCO concept of PCA, applicable policy development, risk management, audit phases and human resource requirements for PCA in line with WCO Guidelines and tools.

The mission included plenary lectures on the role of PCA in measuring and improving compliance for legitimate trade. On the last day of the mission, the WCO Experts engaged with five key large importers in Sudan and key Customs brokers, all currently participating in the pilot Golden List programme. Members of the Golden List programme appeared to enjoy trade facilitation benefits derived from the risk management processes recently rolled out at Khartoum International Airport as well as other special benefits derived from the programme.

To conclude the mission, discussions were conducted with the Customs Director of Technical Services under which the envisaged PCA function will be located. He indicated a sense of urgency in establishing PCA in Sudan, in order to continuously measure and improve compliance in support of the risk management process and the Golden List programme.

At the end of the mission, it was evident that the Administration had obtained a clear understanding of the role of PCA. Customs officials tasked with establishing the PCA function regarded the mission as an “eye-opener," as they can now clearly see what actions are required to kick-start the process in establishing effective PCA in Sudan.