WCO supports Uganda Revenue Authority on blended training approach through the use of WCO e-Learning modules

18 April 2018

Under the framework of the WCO ESA II project funded by the Finnish Government, the WCO delivered an e-Learning mission at the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in Kampala on the 5th to 6th April 2018. The aim of this mission was to promote the use of WCO e-Learning modules through blended learning in the Customs training programmes at the URA.

The existing e-Learning platform in Uganda Revenue Authority was reactivated and now contains that latest TFA modules incorporated in a Basic Customs Blended Learning programme. This mission was an opportunity to further demonstrate the benefits of leveraging WCO instruments and tools, providing assistance in updating the e-learning platform and strengthening URA’s technical expertise to use it and transfer the knowledge among its staff.

The URA Management team has shown great commitment to this reform in their training programmes and has even dedicated a pool of full time trainers to support this initiative towards the use of WCO e-Learning modules in their training programmes. 

The WCO wishes to express its sincere thanks to the Government of Finland for the extensive support provided to the Uganda Revenue Authority in the field of Capacity Building.