WCO-WACAM Project reaffirms its support to HRM modernization in Niger Customs

10 April 2018

In the framework of the WCO-WACAM Project financed by Sweden, the World Customs Organization provided tailor-made support to Niger Customs in the field of competency-based human resources management.

The mission was delivered from 26 to 30 March 2018 in Niamey, with the aim of supporting the efforts undertaken by the HRM Modernization Reform and Steering Committees in order to set up a competency-based HRM system consistent with international standards.  

During the mission, WCO experts worked closely with HRM modernization team in Niger Customs to successfully finalize and validate all the tools needed for a competency-based approach (job catalogue, competency framework, competency dictionary and job descriptions for all posts).

In order to facilitate the communication process and change management, a Communication Plan related to the new competency-based HRM approach was also developed and validated by Niger Customs. The plan comprises information and sensitization activities on the new approach to be conducted internally and externally, targeting both overall staff as well as all stakeholders involved.

Finally, it is important to note that this mission enabled the overall HRM modernization reform team within Niger Customs to take ownership of the forward planning of jobs and skills as well as to determine follow-up activities for the project, involving communication and change management-related activities.

For more information about this activity and about the WCO’s WACAM Project, please contact WCO-Sweden Programme Director Richard Chopra (Richard.Chopra@wcoomd.org).