Pacific Islands Passenger Controls Workshop and Training (Suva, Fiji)

27 August 2018

16 Customs Officers from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Vanuatu and Mongolia participated in a WCO Passenger Controls Workshop and Training in Suva Fiji from August 6th to August 10th, 2018. Facilitators from the WCO Secretariat, New Zealand Customs and Australian Border Force conducted the workshop.

Fiji Customs and the WCO Asia/Pacific Security Project co-hosted the workshop which was generously supported by the Government of Japan through the Security Project Fund.

The workshop provided information, shared experiences and promoted the greater benefits of enhanced passenger controls including the use of API/PNR data for pre-flight risk assessment to mitigate threats and facilitate low risk travellers. The training portion for Customs officials centred on the use of risk analysis to better identify high risk travellers. The training also provided an opportunity to discuss and explore passenger engagement beyond the green / red channel. For example the use of Roving Inspection Teams.

Practical exercises supported through simulation and role plays were used to apply new knowledge and techniques used in baggage examination, questioning and the search of persons. Participants were also introduced to the use of behavior analysis and body language interpretation in helping to assist customs officers to identify potential high risk passengers.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Fiji Revenue and Customs Service, Mr. Visvanath Das in his welcoming remarks emphasized the need for coordination and an effective risk analysis and targeting approach to be utilized with the use of advanced passenger information.

Mr. Norikazu Kuramoto, Deputy Director from the Japanese Customs and Tariff Bureau, presented on the implementation of the Asia Pacific Security Project and the significant contribution that the Government of Japan has made to this project, including supporting workshops and training on passenger controls.