MERCATOR PROGRAMME - WCO supports Customs Authority of Argentina (AFIP/ DGA) on implementing WTO TFA

17 December 2018

At the request of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues/Argentinian Customs (AFIP/DGA), the WCO conducted a diagnostic mission on the implementation of the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation (TFA) from 3- 7 December 2018, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The mission was conducted under the framework of WCO Mercator Programme.

The WCO Mercator Programme provides tailor-made support that takes into account local conditions and environment for implementing trade facilitation measures. Members who may request assistance missions, host WCO accredited specialists. Subsequent assessments present recommended actions for the implementation of the WTO TFA, taking into account the WCO instruments and tools.

The WCO team received a series of documents in advance, which were fundamental to the development of the actions. From these documents, and other information obtained during the work week, it was possible to carry out an analysis of the implementation of the articles included in Section I of the WTO TFA, and including, where appropriate, proposed technical assistance in specific matters.

Recommendations were classified by priority, deadline, and person/s responsible. The preliminary results (including a draft roadmap – actions to the implementation of the WTO TFA) were presented to the Director General of Argentinian Customs (DGA), and senior officials. The WCO will continue to support AFIP/DGA in the implementation of the WTO TFA.

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