Signature of a WCO-ADEX Cooperation Agreement

19 December 2018

As part of its Strategic goal to strengthen capacity building and in the pursue of disseminating Customs knowledge to the private sector around the globe, the World Customs Organization signed the first cooperation agreement in Latin America with the Association of Exporters of Peru (ADEX) the 13th December 2018 in Lima, Peru.

Launched in May 2018, the WCO Academy is the Customs e-learning portal for current and future Trade Leaders, providing the private sector access to the World Customs Organization's expertise and knowledge.

ADEX is a business institution, founded in 1973, providing representation and services to exporters, importers and service providers. Through its Institute of Foreign Trade and Postgraduate School, ADEX promotes up-to-date knowledge of foreign trade and learning opportunities to train highly competitive leaders and professionals.

The purpose of the agreement is to initiate cooperation between WCO Academy and ADEX in the establishment of joint training courses. ADEX was seen as the ideal regional partner towards disseminating Customs Knowledge to the trade community of Peru and to the region.

Current and future trade professionals will have the opportunity to access WCO training courses directly through the ADEX website. Some of the training courses are translated into Spanish and they will be further improved based on feedback received by learners from ADEX.

Among others, the following courses will be offered: Harmonized System (chemicals, textiles, art and jewelry, industry and construction, agriculture and food), Valuation, Transfer Pricing, Rules of Origin, WTO-TFA, Temporary Admission, The Revised Kyoto Convention, WCO Data Model, Single Window Environment and SAFE – AEO.

For the signing, ADEX was represented by its President, Mr. Juan Varilias Velasquez and the WCO was represented by Mr. Daniel Cardozo from the Tariff and Trade Affairs Directorate.  Mr Cardozo also gave a Conference on the WCO, the WCO Academy courses and the Harmonized System Nomenclature in the Institute of Foreign Trade and Postgraduate School.