Classification decisions taken at the 60th Session of the Harmonized System Committee have been released

01 February 2018

The Harmonized System Committee (HSC) held its 60th Session at WCO Headquarters in Brussels from 27 September to 6 October 2017.  The decisions taken by the HSC during this session have now been published on our website.

These include, in particular, 21 new Classification Opinions and 18 sets of amendments to the HS Explanatory Notes, as well as 45 Classification Rulings dealing.  These rulings deal with, among other things, blanched green shell mussels; quinoa, normally used for human consumption, which has undergone the removal of the saponin layer after harvest; silica fume; a cover made of plastics and specifically designed for smartphones; footwear made of plastics known as “sandals for adults made of plastics” and “sandals for children made of plastics”; a laminar air flow clean bench; an electronic interactive whiteboard, size 78 inches, consisting of a touch-sensitive, dry-erase surface with multi-touch functionality, which accepts touch input from a pen or a finger; an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module; books and sound reproducing apparatus, also called “Future Book Set”; a thin-film solar module; an integrated circuit (IC) checking instrument; and a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board.

Hard copies of new Classification Opinions and sets of amendments to the Explanatory Notes will be made available in due course, enabling Contracting Parties to update their HS publications (Explanatory Notes and Compendium of Classification Opinions, 2017 Edition).