WCO supports Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) in enhancing its Post Clearance Audit (PCA) Manual

30 January 2018

WCO is providing support to the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) through the HMRC-WCO-UNCTAD TFA Implementation Programme (Mercator Programme). The Mercator Programme is designed to provide a multi-year; interactive and results-oriented support to WCO members in the effective implementation of the WTO TFA, as part of a broader Customs reform and modernization agenda. Ethiopia Mercator Plan entails seven Technical support priorities, including advance rulings, risk management, Post-Clearance Audit, time-release study, authorized economic operators, transit and domestic border agency.

The objective of this mission has been to support ERCA in updating its PCA Manual and to ensure alignment of this Manual to the WCO Guidelines and International best practice. This mission is part on the Mercator Programme Tailor-made track in assisting Ethiopia in enhancing its PCA capacity for effective implementation of the Trade facilitation Agreement (TFA), specifically Article 7.5 of the TFA. The ERCA PCA Manual is now updated with applicable tools and templates that will assist auditors in organizing and arranging their work during complex and huge audits. The manual was also updated with procedures and processes on how to audit other key stakeholders in the supply chain, like transporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders, manufacturers, warehouse and warehouse operators.

The WCO expressed its gratitude to ERCA Management for making the mission a success and will continue its efforts under the WCO Mercator Programme Tailor-made track to assist Ethiopia in the implementation of the TFA and other related capacity building initiatives.