Strategic Trade Control Enforcement (STCE) workshop in Ghana

03 July 2018

The WCO Security Programme conducted a National Strategic Trade Control Enforcement (STCE) training workshop, in Accra, Ghana 25-29 June 2018.

The STCE Training is designed to support frontline Customs staff with identifying Weapons of Mass Destruction, their constituent parts, means of delivery and dual-use items. The audience for the workshop included customs operational staff from the Ghana Revenue Administration (GRA) stationed at customs warehouses, land borders, and the port of Tema. Prior to the workshop, the WCO trainers briefed the Commissioner of GRA Customs Division, Mr. Isaac Crenstil, on the importance of Strategic Trade Controls, and visited GRA customs laboratory  to see how they provide technical reachback for frontline staff.

The STCE workshop introduced the participants to the concept of STCE and covered controlled materials and equipment and how to identify them. This was the third STCE training workshop in Africa and is part of a concerted WCO approach to increase STCE capacity across the continent.   It combines operational training with the lessons learned from Operation Cosmo 2 held in April 2018.   

The training event also presented an opportunity to expand the cadre of African accredited STCE expert trainers. The WCO now has an increased capacity to deliver further STCE National Training in Africa, if your administration is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact Adam Vas, STCE Coordinator, ( ).