Montenegro Customs benefits from a WCO Risk Management Workshop

15 June 2018

The World Customs Organization (WCO) organized a Risk Management (RM) Workshop focused on risk assessment and selectivity in Montenegro.  The Workshop took place from 28 May to 1 June 2018 in Podgorica, Montenegro, and was attended by 13 Customs officials from the Intelligence Division, Customs Post-Clearance Audit Unit and Law Enforcement, with financial support from the Customs Cooperation Fund Japan (CCF/Japan).

Customs administrations generally apply RM practices to Customs control with two main goals: (i) to ensure compliance with Customs laws and regulations, while also seeking (ii) to accelerate economic growth by facilitating foreign trade and investment.  The rapid growth of international trade limits opportunities to control all cross-border movements of goods, passengers and means of transport, and also imposes restrictions on the inspection of such movements.  It is therefore imperative to enhance RM strategies and techniques within the daily activities of Customs administrations, which require a more effective approach to the planning and implementation of Customs control.

The Workshop was a very good opportunity for Montenegro Customs to strengthen its existing RM processes, and to adopt new approaches as a solid foundation for future operations in risk assessment, profiling and targeting, including information exchange and intelligence.

Participants were able to learn about the relationship between risk-based selectivity and effective resource allocation, facilitation and controls.  In addition, the theoretical and practical sessions afforded participants the opportunity to exchange views and share experiences among themselves and with the WCO facilitators.  Using the WCO Customs Risk Management Compendium, they deepened their knowledge of risk identification and development of profiles.

During the Workshop, the WCO facilitators and participants from Montenegro Customs exchanged views on simplified procedures and practices in Montenegro and in other Customs administrations in the region, as well as in the European Union (EU).  Practical exercises conducted in a friendly atmosphere greatly contributed to better understanding of the various topics.

Montenegro Customs expressed its appreciation to the WCO for its continued support with RM and other areas of Customs.