WCO assists the Americas and Caribbean Region to speed-up the adoption of the WCO Data Model

08 June 2018

The WCO organized a Regional Workshop on the WCO Data Model for Americas and Caribbean (AME Region) in Lima, Peru with the financial support from the Customs Administration of Japan. The workshop was attended by 28 participants from Customs Administrations in the Region.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Gustavo Romero, Intendent of Customs Control of the Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration of Peru (SUNAT1) mentioned that Digital Transformation through the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is key for Customs modernization and reform programmes. He shared the initiatives of his Administration to streamline and simplify Customs processes through the intensive use of technological tools under the FAST2 programme. Mr. Gustavo said that one of the important pillars of the implementation of the FAST programme is the adoption of the WCO Data Model.

The facilitators of the Workshop explained the strategic value of the adoption of the WCO Data Model, namely to establish simplified, transparent and predictable Cross-border regulatory procedure by reducing the burden of providing data, enabling the re-use of data available in the supply chain, enhancing the data quality and reliability, enabling advance submission of data, enabling pre-departure / pre-arrival processing, and enhancing the accuracy of trade data for valuation purpose. A sound understanding of the strategic value of the Data Model is important for securing WCO’s mandate and the necessary high-level support for the implementation of the WCO Data Model.

The building block of the WCO Data Model, including its standardized dataset, libraries as well as electronic message template (the Information Packages) were extensively discussed.

The participants were invited to undertake an exercise to map a sample of Customs Declaration to the WCO Data Model. The objective of the activity was to help participants familiarize themselves with every data element in the standardized dataset.

The Workshop included a sharing session by two guest speakers from the United State Customs and Border Protection and the Customs Administration of Uruguay. The speakers provided the perspective of implementation of the WCO Data Model at the national level in the US Single Window3, as well as at a Regional level in Mercosur’s Indira interconnectivity for exchanging common data set related to Customs Declaration.

In his closing remarks, the Head of the division of Administration and Personnel of the WCO, Mr. Ray Mc Donagh congratulated all participants for completing the Workshop and encouraged them to promote and support the adoption of the WCO Data Model in their respective countries. He also thanked SUNAT for the support extended in the organization of the Workshop.

1Superintendencia Nacional de Aduanas y de Administración Tributaria

2Facilitación Aduanera, Seguridad y Transparencia

3Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)