WCO organized a Regional Workshop on Post Clearance Audit in the Americas and Caribbean Region

01 June 2018

The WCO, responding to a request for capacity building in the area of effective revenue assurance, conducted a Regional Workshop on Post-Clearance Audit (PCA) for the Americas and the Caribbean Region at the Regional Training Center (RTC) Dominican Republic from 23 to 25 May 2018, in cooperation with CAPTAC-DR and the Customs Administration of the Dominican Republic.

This workshop was aimed at assisting the Customs administrations of the AMS Region with conducting necessary actions to carry out the action plans associated with one of the Regional Strategic Goals.  This Regional Strategic Goal seeks to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and integrate international standards in the Customs operations in the region. PCA has been identified as one of the instruments that would be used to realize this objective.

Middle level Customs managers in charge of PCA from 20 countries in the region attended the workshop. The participants actively contributed to the Workshop and a number of issues were raised and discussed with a special interest on the question on the best practices on the risk management in terms of effective implementation of PCA.

Participants held a group discussion and exchanged information and views about their legal authority, policy tools and measures in place in their administration in order to come up with possible options. After enthusiastic group discussion, the participants summarized their opinions on how they will be able to enhance their operation on PCA.  The participants used the opportunity to network and develop a bonding during and after the sessions.

The administrations in the region will keep on discussion and develop the audit plan or program for each objective of the regional plan to improve compliance control in terms of effective revenue assurance.