Chile hosts National Workshop on the Harmonized System and tariff management

27 March 2018

A National Workshop on the Harmonized System and Tariff management was held in Valparaiso, Chile, from 19 to 23 March 2018. The Workshop was organized jointly by the WCO and the Customs Administration of Chile and was facilitated by experts from both the WCO Secretariat and the Customs Administration of Spain. It was attended by 30 officials from all 14 regions of Chile and the Headquarters that work on tariff classification related areas, including chemists that work in the Customs laboratory of Chile.

The Workshop’s main focus was to secure uniformity in the interpretation and application of the HS Nomenclature 2017 and on the improvement of the current classification work model. Furthermore, the Workshop offered an opportunity to discuss the WCO tools and instruments to assist users of the HS in order to modernize their tariff classification work and related infrastructure. Some possible amendments to the HS that should enter into force in 2022 and have already been approved by the Harmonized System Committee were presented and explained to the participants.

The participants worked in groups and presented the results of the practical application of the Diagnostic Tool on Tariff Classification, Valuation and Origin Work and Related Infrastructure, including an action plan with proposals and solutions related to the modernization of classification work. There was also a guided visit to the Customs Laboratory, in Valparaiso.

The Director General of Chile Customs, Mr. Claudio Sepulveda, highlighted the importance of HS classification as one of the pillars of Customs and recognized the need of imparting the necessary knowledge to the officials that work in this area. He thanked the WCO for working together with Chilean Customs in order to strengthen this important technical area.

The Workshop provided an excellent opportunity for networking and exchange of views on a wide range of topics on tariff classification and management of tariff and statistical nomenclatures and was highly appreciated by those who attended it.