WCO supports Sudan and Palestine Customs Administrations with the implementation of the nCEN application

16 March 2018

As the National Customs Enforcement Network (nCEN) application gains popularity among WCO Members, now deployed in twenty-nine Member Administrations, a new milestone in the global deployment process was reached in February.  An Arabic version of the application was deployed for the first time in Sudan and in Palestine, enlarging the scope of the nCEN network to cover all six WCO regions.

The National Customs Enforcement Network (nCEN) is a system developed by the WCO to assist Customs administrations with the collection and storage of law-enforcement information at the national level, with the additional capability of sharing this information at the regional and international levels. It is a tool which aims to strengthen a country’s capacity to conduct effective, risk based and intelligence supported customs operations, allows for information gathering on non-compliance and non-compliant actors as a foundation for identification of effective action items in key risk areas, and improves a country’s analytical capability to permit targeted controls of shipments.

The deployment of the nCEN in both Administrations followed the formulation and Members’ subsequent endorsement of the National Implementation Plans under the Mercator tailor-made track, designed to provide multi-year, interactive and results-oriented capacity building support to enable effective implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA).  In the framework of the HMRC-WCO-UNCTAD Programme, financially supported by the Government of the United Kingdom through Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), a regional training workshop on the use of the nCEN application took place on 13-22 February 2018 at the Regional Training Center in Amman, Jordan.  Participants had the opportunity to learn about the theoretical aspects of data gathering and analysis, as well as gain practical knowledge on the functionality of the nCEN application.

The nCEN software is made available to all WCO Members free of charge. The costs of the hardware needed to run the nCEN application, the costs associated with the training, and possible costs for modifications to the local IT infrastructure (if applicable), are however the responsibility of the implementing Customs Administration.  More information on the nCEN can be obtained by contacting the WCO CEN Programme at nCEN@wcoomd.org.