WCO organized an Accreditation Workshop on Post-Clearance Audit for MENA Region

09 May 2018

The WCO organized a regional Accreditation Workshop for Post-Clearance Audit (PCA) Technical and Operational Advisors for MENA Region in Muscat, Oman from 22 to 26 April 2018.

The WCO has established a three-phased approach to the accreditation process which includes: (1) pre-screening; (2) participation in a WCO accreditation workshop; and (3) final evaluation carried out by a qualified expert during a field mission.

On this occasion, fourteen pre-selected Customs officers were invited to demonstrate their abilities and skills in the domain of PCA. Participants proving the required level of knowledge and skills will be invited to the final stage of the process.

During the intensive five-day workshop, participants displayed their profound expertise through presentations, exercises and role-playing sessions.

Considering the growing need for PCA capacity building activities, the identification and development of subject matter experts who can support the WCO in performing these tasks is crucial. For this reason, the officers who successfully completed the PCA accreditation workshop will be called upon in the near future to facilitate PCA workshops for WCO Members jointly with a fully accredited and qualified expert for final assessment in this area.